A memory with a dreamlike quality


Herb Boers: “After the break to change the stage around, the DJ came back out: “And now, with Noel Redding on bass, Mitch Mitchell on drums, and of course Jimi Hendrix on lead—the Jimi Hendrix Experience!” As I remember it, they broke right into “Fire,” without the tuning up and messing around that seemed to blunt the impact of their taking the stage on many of the concert recordings I have heard (although Jimi did spend a lot of time tuning up between numbers). I also seem to remember a curtain going up, but I could well be mistaken about both of these things.” More here. — (With thanks to Luigi Garuti)


“… oh my god, footage of Jimi Hendrix, standing on the tarmac of Love Field with bandmates Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding on April 20, 1969, giving a great, relaxed interview to a very lucky Channel 8 reporter.” Found here.

It was his own doing?

For Canada's The Metal Voice, former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin (Deathriders, Bleed The Hunger) spoke with former Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth at the Whisky in Los Angeles on February 21st, and they spoke about Jimi Hendrix' tragic death. Continued here.
With thanks to Ken Voss

The end of the beginning 2

Dear Lifelines friends. We received many emails on the re-start of the Lifelines website. Thank you for your kind words and support in general. I look forward to any contributions (photos, stories, facts and data) you may be able to donate to the website. Thanks for everything. Ben & Luigi. (Contact us here for contributions.

The end of the beginning

An email I recently received from a faithful supporter/donor of this website, after my decision to close the donor section:

“It is so sad to hear about this. Being a musician myself, it has become impossible to make a living trying to write, make, an play music. Nobody gets paid anymore. Everybody thinks everything should be free. Nobody pays for music anymore, and nobody goes out to see bands play live anymore. Everybody is ripping everybody off. It is disgraceful and disrespectful. I know you to work very hard at this and you certainly deserve the respect of all the work you've done over so many years. I feel if somebody knows who is leaking the material then it should be made public. Please feel free to post this to the entire lifelines paying community and non-paying community so maybe people will wake up and get a clue.

Jimi goes Wilde

Steve Rodham, editor of the Jimpress fanzine, sent me this recent news. Steve's remark: "Is this for real? Looks more like Oscar Wilde to me." Indeed. Or as my daughter Nina would say: "Pics, or it didn't happen."

Fame at last

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Location, location, location...

1967-01-28 New Musical Express J(IMIHENDRIX6
These three photos were published in the New Musical Express of 28 January 1967. Jimi pretends to play and sing live, as the guitar is not connected to an amp with a cable, so he's just posing for the camera. But where did they take those pictures of you, Jimi? The Lifelines team to investigates deeper here

Jimi at The Marquee – or is it?

In January 1967 Photographer Ray Stevenson took some photos of Jimi, pretending to sing and play live. Rex Features wants us to believe they were taken at The Marquee club in London, February 1967. But were they? High time for the Lifelines team to investigate! – With thanks to Lifelines sleuth Luigi Garuti for setting things in motion. More here.

Jimi jams with Tommy Bolin!

American Standard [see photo] was formed in Denver, Colorado during the winter of 1967. When, in 1967, local promoter Barry Fey opened his Family Dog venue at 1601 West Evans Avenue in Denver with the help of San Francisco rock impresario Chet Helms. Fey recalls selling out the Fieldhouse's 4,700 tickets and that Hendrix was "incredible." Afterwards, according to Fey's long-time assistant Leslie Gorham Haseman, Jimi moved on to the Family Dog venue to jam. 'It was kind of a private party, but anyone who wanted to play got up and played with him, including Tommy Bolin," she remembers. More here.