The JHE flew from London to Paris, France, for their first French tour with Johnny Hallyday. The Experience arrived around 11:00 at Le Bourget Airport.
The Experience is accompanied by journalist Alain Dister.

In the afternoon the group went to the Olympia where they rehearsed using the new Marshall amps.

Kathy Etchingham: “We went to France and he wore a suit, a two piece suit. I remember it very well, a blue suit which had a button missing on the back, and it was one of these sorta French tailored things, and he looked great in this suit and a white shirt. Jimi hated it, he didn’t want to wear those sort of clothes at all, and as soon as he got some money he bought his very first shirt. It was a black shirt with red roses on it [see also the 27/11 entry - ed.], which in some of his early pictures he is wearing, ‘cause when he arrived [in England], he had two pairs of trousers, and a black satin and a white satin shirt, and that was it, and just his tooth brush. That’s all he had with him, and a tin of Valderma cream which he used to wash his face with.”