Hollywood, California, Paramount Recording Studios
Mixing session.

Pre-recording sessions for "Burning of the Midnight Lamp" and "The Stars That Play with Laughing Sam's Dice".

Between 26 and 30
Malibu, California - Jimi jams with Steve Stills (bass), Hugh Masekela (trumpet), Buddy Miles (drums) and Bruce Palmer (bass) in Stills' house.

Steve Stills: "[We] played for fourteen hours without stopping. I had a place on the beach then and I only had one neighbour and she dug the noises I made so we never had any bother from the cops. In fact, they used to come around and sit in their automobile and listen. The local cop came along the day after Hendrix was there and said "Who was that last night - that was the finest guitarist I ever heard in my life." Then I told him who it was and said, "That was the world's finest guitar player!"... It was when I split from Buffalo Springfield that I decided my ambition was to play bass for Jimi Hendrix..." (Disc and Music Echo, 28 November 1970).