London W8, "Royal Albert Hall", Kensington Gore
Jimi attends a Frank Zappa concert. When Jimi arrived Zappa went parodying "Hey Joe."

With thanks to Luigi Garuti and Kees de Lange.

Jimi and Frank Zappa

Apart from rehearsing [with] The Mothers and the ten members of the London Philharmonic, Zappa was also anxious to meet a band called Tomorrow - who were, in Pamela Zarubica's phrase, "tight friends with Hendrix", so a meeting was easily arranged. Zappa, Pam, Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck went round to the flat where Tomorrow lived. "All I remember for sure" Pam reports, "is that... everyone was getting high, except us, and for once Frank didn't seem to mind. When we left the place Frank's first comment was, 'I never met such a nice little group of junkies before.' Not that they were [junkies], it's just that Frank is so totally unfamiliar with the drug scene that I doubt if he could tell the difference between hash and heroin."