67-09-13 GT3
Göteborgs-Tidningen 13 September 1967: "Jimi Hendrix Shown the Door".

Göteborg, "Park Avenue Hotel" - "Britain's Ambassador to Sweden, Sir Archibald Ross, KCMG, MA, must surely now be in line for another helping of alphabet soup... He saved Princess Alexandra from a confrontation with the pop world's ultimate weapon. The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Hendrix - 21- year [sic] old guitarist-singer from Seattle whose hair resembles a demented fright wig - returned to the Park Avenue Hotel... With the other two members of his group he was standing in the foyer chatting. A somewhat nervous hotel executive asked them all to move. Because, he explained anxiously, Princess Alexandra was about to pass. The Jimi Hendrix Experience, paying guests one and all, refused. The executive insisted. Although they could have blasted him from Gofhenburg to eternity with a few chords, the Experience refused to budge... The situation looked nasty. Enter Sir Archibald, 65, with thirty-one years of dealing with difficult situations and well-used to even more eccentric types than the Jimi Hendrix Experience. He took the heat out of the situation immediately. "He invited us to have a drink," said Hendrix. "He was real cool. I guess the guy at the hotel thought we were a bit scruffy and tried to tidy the place up for the Princess." While the group members were having their drink, Princess Alexandra passed through the foyer without seeing them." (Daily Mirror, 14 September 1967).

Flying from Torslanda Airport, Göteborg, SWEDEN, to London Heathrow Airport, Middlesex, ENGLAND.