21 September 1967: Jimi is interviewed at home by Alan Lubin of Intro magazine. [JB] [Unconfirmed]

Between 14 and 26
London W1, Jimi's flat. Upper Berkeley Street
Interview conducted by Alan Lubin for Intro (published 30 September 1967). Jimi: "I've got to finish this room. I got most of the stuff from the Chelsea Antique Market, and some of it from the States. You know, I'm on this orient kick at the moment. I also brought back a couple of hand-painted badges. One says, 'Micky Mouse Is Free'... I don't like for people to start branding us. You know, damn them - and those crumby birdcrumb snatchers who say I don't really play with my teeth. You just get tired of hearing about them, there are so many. It's the same with those commercial critics and all those other plastic people picking on the little flower children. That's why pop is just like boxing. In some ways, you always put dirt into it or make it seem like dirt. You know flower power, there's no such thing at all, it's just an expression they just happen to use. Why make a big issue out of it? It's all right. They're minding their own business... These flower people are really groovy. All those bands playing for free - that's what I call groovy teamwork. We played for nothing, and I really enjoyed it too; it was one of the best gigs we've ever played. And it sold ten thousand albums for us. I want to make a habit to play tree, but only for good causes. Like cancer research and things." [UV]