Noel: "I got together with [drummer] Pete Kircher and did a couple demos of my songs [at Regent Sound]."

'Amen Corner's Andy Fairweather-Low admits he's scared stiff about his forthcoming tour with Jimi Hendrix. "I felt OK when it was just Jimi and the Move, but now the Pink Floyd have been added I'm dreading we might die a terrible death." – Vanilla Fudge fantastic at London's Speakeasy Club last Thursday.' [Disc & Music Echo, 28 October 1967]

'Vanilla Fudge are still here and played a gig at the Speak­easy last Thursday [19 oct? see above] to a very packed, hot club. Cream's Clap­ton, Jimi Hendrix Experience, P. P. Arnold, Jeff Beck, the Who's Roger Daltry, Andrew Oldham, the Nice, the Herd, Traffic and a couple of Procol Harum could be seen digging the Fudge and altogether it was a good night. There was a full moon too... Love... [Rolling Stone, 23 November 1967]

With thanks to Renwick McNeill.