Flying from London Heathrow Airport, Middlesex ENGLAND, to Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, HOLLAND.


Bussum, "Vitus TV Studio"
TV rehearsals and live recordings for the Dutch TV station VPRO program 'Hoepla' in the afternoon.
Recorded songs (all live): Foxy Lady; Catfish Blues, Purple Haze (false start); Purple Haze; Purple Haze. Foxy Lady and Purple Haze were boadcast during the 'Hoepla' edition of 23 November 1967, between 19.07 and 19.56.

Jimi_Hopela 2

After the recordings, the group ate French fried potatoes across the street from the Vitus Studio [unconfirmed]. Thereafter, about five o'clock, they left by car for Rotterdam.

Accommodation: "Hotel Centraal", Rotterdam.

The group booked in at Hotel Centraal, and had dinner.


'Hippy Happy Beurs Voor Tieners En Twens'/"Ahoy Hallen", Rotterdam
Concert (50 minutes, from 22.05 to 22.55).
Support: The Flowers; The Motions. Songs: Stone Free; Manic Depression; Hey Joe; a song from the Axis: Bold As Love LP, possibly Little Miss Lover; The Wind Cries Mary: Foxy Lady; The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp; Purple Haze.