Transmission of a programme titled ‘Den Tänkande Mikrofonen’ (‘The Thinking Microphone’) on Sveriges Radio III - a “Kulturmagasin med Britt Edwall (om bücker + Jimmy Hendrix).” Likely an interview with Jimi (taped in Sweden?) was included. Hendrix fan Mats Schörling [†]: “The Jimi part was less than 5 minutes. That’s all I know about it.”

London SW13, “Olympic Sound Studios”, 117 Church Road, Barnes - Studio recordings (from ? to 01.00 the next morning).
Noel: “Got 1 good track done.” Linda Keith, who was in a bad state according to Noel, attends the session.


‘Foxy Lady’ is released as a single in the US.


Capitol Records release the album Get That Feeling. Source: Ultimate Hendrix, page 80.