Reported The Observer on 17 December 1967: “The group of young upper-class swingers who have just formed the mysterious and slightly muddled company Circus Alpha Centauri feel that they are in danger of being misunderstood before they really start. They are not just fooling about, they claim. Their aim is to act as an agency for wild creative activity of all kinds, and at the same time to raise money for orphaned and neglected children. They are holding a five-day Christmas Festival at the Round House, Chalk Farm [London NW1], next week. As well as the inevitable groups, lights, poems, etc., they are holding a party next Saturday [23 December] for 400 children from various institutions. As entertainment they are providing Madame Flaminaire, a real witch who conjures up snakes and mice, and Father Christmas with a sack of presents. Beneath the traditional gear will be dark and dangerous Jimi Hendrix, which will make a change for the kids, and for him.”