Transmission of the JHE performing “Purple Haze” on ‘Top Of The Pops ‘67’ (BBC1 TV, between 14.05 and 15.00), tele-recorded on 16 December 1967. In addition, the programme also showed a 47-feet, silent 16mm film, on the JHE (lasting 1:18) during the transmission. No further details were found in the BBC archives besides that the film was either made or obtained by Phil Jenkinson. Educated guess: a bit from the ‘See My Music Talking’ film.

London W1, Jimi’s flat - Due to Kathy Etchingham’s “limited cooking skills” Jimi was treated to a Christmas dinner consisting of “egg and chips”.

London SW7 - Jimi turns up in the evening for a party at Noel’s house, who’s celebrating his 22nd birthday, and stays until the early morning hours. [UV]