London N1, home of Bruce Fleming, 38 Grays Inn Road - Jimi spends Christmas with Bruce Fleming and friends.
Bruce Fleming: “I had asked Jimi ‘What are you doing for Christmas, are you going back to the States?’ Jimi said, ‘No, I sort of don’t know what to do.’ And it occurred to us that the silly thing was... I mean nobody invited Jimi for Christmas... We got to talk about architecture, painting, all sorts. He was into everything, especially the arts. Yeah, so we just had a brilliant time, and a lot of laughs... with turkey, the whole thing... He stayed over night.” [UV]

Bruce Fleming: We got to talk a lot... architecture, painting, all sorts. He was into everything. We just had a brilliant time and a lot of laughs. Americans like Christmas and we had turkey, the whole thing. He was very radical in his opinions and his ideas: a very original thinker, very laid back, very quiet, very funny. He had a beautiful sense of humor. [JB]