Teen Scoop magazine published in its January 1968 issue a photo of the Experience, posing on a wooden staircase on what appears to be an outside location.

Judging from what the boys are wearing this seems to be have taken near the end of July of 1967. Jimi wears an orange striped shirt, the same one he wore at Monterey. Particularly Mitch is noticable for wearing a coat with a badge, the same combination he wore at the wedding of Chas Chandler and Lottie Lexon on 22 July, so this photo must have been taken around that date. Also the beaded necklace and amulet necklace Jimi wears, suggest this period.

Noel mentions an interview on 19 July; the Teen Scoop interview could have been done on this date, as well as the photo session.

With thanks to Luigi Garuti.