Neville Chesters:
“Hunter College, New York $165 — 8:00. Went to Manny’s music shop, bought spares and bought another second hand Stratocaster, went to hotel wrote some postcards and straightened briefcase out. Went to College, set gear up. Was in a bad mood. Group arrived 8:00. John Hammond was on bill with us.”

New York City - Radio interview with Jimi conducted by Realrock. A recording of the live transmission has never been located.

Hunter College, Park Avenue/69th Street, New York City, NY, USA.
Two shows at 20:00 (45 minutes) and 22:30 (33 minutes).
Attended by Mike Jeffery and Faye Pridgon
Support: Soft Machine with The Mark Boyle Sensual Laboratory light show; John Hammond Jr. (1st show only)

Songs 1st show:

Hey Joe
Foxy Lady
Purple Haze

Source for this setlist:
RAT Subterranean News, 18 March 1968. Writer P. Dingle only mentions those four songs, even stating that Purple Haze was the last song of the show. Some lists also mention 'I Don't Live Today' and 'Wild Thing', but there is no proof of these being played.

Songs 2nd show:

Tax Free*
Like A Rolling Stone*
Killing Floor*
Red house*
Wild Thing or Purple Haze

* Taped.

Bluesman Alex Schultz: “I'm almost fifty-four, but my folks were pretty hip and allowed me as a thirteen-fourteen-year-old to go to clubs and the Fillmore to check out shows. My dad actually took me to see Jimi Hendrix in February or March of '68 at Hunter College, too, which was a life-changing thing. I actually got to see Jimi five times in New York City! I'll never forget when Jimi picked up a black Les Paul and played what a he called "The Blues," which was in fact "Red House." So for a fourteen-year-old kid, I was knocked out, plus I was already pretty deep into music, guitar, Blues guitar, so you can imagine that those experiences were some major influences for me right there. Along the way the Mayall/Clapton Blues Breakers was huge for me, as was the first Butterfield record, too, also B.B. Live at the Regal, wow! These records are just holy to me.”

Lifelines contributor Kees de Lange met Alex Schultz in 1997 and he told Kees that Jimi played 'Up From The Skies' at Hunter.