Neville: “(Drove 474 miles). Veterans Auditorium Columbus Ohio. $200 ($100 Wages). Drove through Lincoln tunnel, down NJ turnpike, over Delaware Bridge, then on to Pensylvania turnpike. Started to go over mountains to Pitsburgh about 12:00 dinner time, a snow storm started. Very Very! bad on road could hardly drive van, loads of accidents, lots of cars and lorries had come off road. Right on the top it was very bad! Started coming down again, big accident, 2 or 3 cars including police car. There was a car which had skidded from other lane of traffic upside down over crash rail in middle of express. It had taken top completely off car. I think there were some dead people in it, it had just happened.
Slowed down from 50mph (– 20). Shit myself. Finally came down to lower ground and better weather. Changed roads and headed for Ohio. We passed a town called Wheeling. As big as Portsmouth. Only it was all old cowboy houses, all built of wood [‘hundred’?]. Just like a ghost town with people there. Drove on to COolumbus through Indian country, arrived 5:00 at hotel. Went to gig, set up. 2 other groups.”

1968-03_03_2 1968-03_03

Veterans Memorial Auditorium, 300 W. Broad St, Columbus, OH, USA.
Concert at 19:30
Support: Soft Machine with The Mark Boyle Sensual Laboratory light show; Dantes; Four O’Clock Balloon.


Tax Free
and others unknown