Melody Maker's Frank Simpson interviews Hendrix for a March 16 piece.

Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding fly to Nassau, Bahamas, for a short holiday, while Jimi remains in New York City.

Mitch Mitchell: We actually managed three days off, so I flew to the Bahamas with a girlfriend. Noel joined us, which was odd, because he really doesn’t like sunshine, beyond the odd hour lying by the pool. He gave it all of three hours, whereupon he decided he hated the Bahamas and flew straight back again.

Neville: “DAY OFF OHIO. Got up 12:00 tried to reserve room but hotel said they’d already let it (LIARS!) so I checked in HOLLYDAY INN. Packed got taxi to airport Holiday Inn checked in then went in taxi to airport. Collected van which Hugh had left, drove back into town. Went to radio shop and bought a radio for van. Bought a motorola, great! Tried to fit it in but it was getting dark. Went back to hotel, washed, went down to restaurant had a great meal. Watched T.V. for a few hours, went to bed 12:00. Crashed!"

Melody Maker 16 March 1968: 'The somewhat staid New York Times calls him 'a black Elvis’. The hippy oriented Los Angeles Free Press gets a little more ecstatic: ’He’s an electric religion. . . in a cataclysmic-volcanic- organism finale, we fell back limp in our seats, stunned and numbed.’ This plus sell out audiences and even a gang of teenage ticket forgers, is the reaction that the Jimi Hendrix Experience gets from its current American tour. Now mid tour Jimi Hendrix has four days off - and needs them. He’s relaxing in his hotel room in New York after being thrown out of his first hotel - ‘Must have thought I was an Indian’ he says. He’s tired, says so and should be. The other Experiences, Noel and Mitch, are in the Bahamas and the sunshine. Jimi remains behind. "I want to think about some sessions we’re doing in New York. They’re in my mind right now but I’ve got to think about them.”

1968-03-16 MM
Melody Maker 16 March 1968.

Some sources have Jimi jamming with Eric Clapton at the Scene club in on this date, but this seems to be incorrect. Clapton was in San Francisco as he had several concert dates there during this period. It seems unlikely he travelled to New York for 4 to 6 March.

Cream dates for 1 to 10 March: