Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding fly back to New York City from the Bahamas.

Neville Chesters: $300. Day off New York. Woke up about 1:00 very tired, didn’t get up, rest went down for food. Watched T.V. Dave came round in afternoon, brought more food. Chris came round later, didn’t [‘fancy her’??] Dave stay, we all talked for a while. Dee Dee rang up and came round later, talked for an hour or so. I arranged to meet everybody down Scene about 12:00. They left about 10:00.

New York City, “The Scene”
After a Soft Machine performance at the club Jimi jams with various musicians.

Noel Redding: I show up at the Scene that night and meet the Hollies. Jimi’s there and has a blow. I want to jam too, but he doesn’t want me to.

Bobby Elliott (drums): I was in New York with The Hollies, and we’d just done The Mike Douglas show the day before. I went down to the Village Vanguard to see some jazz, and I think it was Allan Clarke, our vocalist, who actually got up with Jimi that night.

Arthur Brown: By this time, The Scene had become very important to Jimi, a sort of second home. It was a medium-sized, intimate place, with a small stage, but it was where everybody went down to hang out. It was run by Steve Paul, who was a real music-lover and very good at changing with the musical climate of the times.

Neville Chesters: Fell asleep [rest of] woke up 2:30 didn’t feel like going out so went back to sleep again.