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Jimi signs a contract that acknowledges the release of the rights to "Fire" to ALDIGG MUSIC.

Not sure date and place:

Warwick New York Hotel, 65 West 54th Street, New York City, NY, USA
Taped by Jimi on his Sony TC250 reel to reel deck over a reel
Jimi; Paul Caruso; Jimmy Mayes and others

Bright Lights, Big City (Jimmy Reed) All Along The Watchtower (Bob Dylan)

The Scene, 301 West 46th Street, Manhattan, New York City, NY, USA
In addition to Hendrix and Morrison, Lester Chambers plays harmonica and likely supplies some vocals during this jam. Other players that night are believed to include members of the band Eire Apparent. Henry McCullough (Eire Apparent) says he was there. Many sources claim members of The McCoys also played, including guitarist Rick Derringer, bassist Randy Jo Hobbs, and drummer Warren 'Bugs' Pemberton. Buddy Miles is also thought to perform on some songs. As this was an informal jam and the known recording contains several cuts, almost anyone could have joined in so it's difficult to know for sure who played on which songs. Suffice it to say, it's likely more than one set of performers jammed with Hendrix that night.

Jimi records most of the jam on his Sony reel-to-reel deck from the mixing board. A copy of the 7-inch master tape ended up with guitarist Mick Cox of Eire Apparent, and the rest is. . .Sky High history! The same reel also contains a 30-minute performance of Eire Apparent at “The Scene,” recorded by Jimi prior to the aforementioned jam session this evening. [UV]

Sky High R-3380697b
“Sky High” – Skydog 2017378 – LP 1972. The cover was in black and white in the first release

Red House
"Come On! Come On!"*
Hear My Train A Comin' >>Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Wake Up In The Mornin', Baby
Tail Dragger
Bleeding Heart
All Night Long (Rock Me)*
Real Soft, Now*
Suck My Ass, Honey*
Down, Get It Down*
Untitled Jam #1 (Uranus Rock)* >>"Fuck Her In The Ass!"*
Little Softer, Baby*
Get Together One More Time*
Tomorrow Never Knows >>I Love My Girl*
Untitled Jam #2 (Morrison's Lament)* >>"There's Jim Morrison On The Floor"
(Morrison Moans Incessantly)*
"You Wouldn't Believe...What's Happening Now"
Feel Alright*
Outside Woman Blues >>Sunshine Of Your Love
*Jim Morrison on Vocals

Reviews: Rolling Stone, 22 June 1968; Guitar School, January 1995;

Noel Redding writes in his diary: “Went to the English pub with Mitch; had a nice meal there... Went to the Salvation [club]. Met geezer from The Doors. Went to The Scene, met two girls, [went] back to the hotel....”