Edited by Luigi Garuti

Jimi’s diary: “Today we play Rochester, NY. Really a strange town ... oh well --- Two girls came up to my room by the names of Heidi and Barbra. Real groovy people. We played one show tonight. Very bad P.A. Bad hall, patient people but I kind of lost my temper with everything in general -recorded show with tape recorder. After show we go to girl's house with party material. Someone outside got beat up the Hackers. Stayed there over night in the tiger room O.K.”

Rochester Community War Memorial (now Blue Cross Arena At The War Memorial) One War Memorial Square, Rochester, NY 14614 (at the corner of Broad and Exchange Streets)
Jimi Hendix Experience concert (19:30).
Support: Soft Machine with The Mark Boyle Sensual Laboratory light show; Rustix (or The Rustix) a local band that replaced Jesse’s First Carnival [cancelled]
presented by Irvin Grantz
MC: Jack Palvino
tickets: orchestra or 1st balcony $5.00; 2nd balcony $4.00; $3.00;
audience: about 4.000 people

Set list:

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Spanish Castle Magic Hey Joe Foxy Lady The Wind Cries Mary Red House I Don’t Live Today (or Manic Depression) Purple Haze Wild Thing
Jimi records the JHE show on his Sony reel-to-reel deck. A few hours later, Jimi’s deck plus several tapes, including the Rochester show, get stolen... [UV]

Noel Redding: “Left for the gig...” “...did one show. Dead audience. Went straight back to the hotel. I was hanging out with Robert Wyatt and Mike Ratledge of Soft Machine. Went drinking in a bar until 2:30.”

Mitch Mitchell: "About the reel-to-reels, the big ones, we both bought them at Sam Goody’s in New York. Jimi carried his around on the road I did for a couple of times, but mine got shipped back to England. Jimi's was stolen, which was a nuisance. After we took it to a club to record Joni Mitchell, right? And we played the tape back to Joni Mitchell at the hotel after the concert and after that the machine went missing. Right around that time it got stolen."

Kevin Ayers: “I remember toward the end of that tour where he really resented having to do all that humping his guitar and amplifiers. He would grimace and say, 'Shit, I've got to fucking hump my amplifiers again.' Something he did once. It's the worst aspect of show business, where you're doomed to repeat that because they liked that and want to see it again. It became so contrived in the end that he really resented it. He was never overtly rude, he just sort of mumbled.” "For me, the most significant point was the point when he started turning around and saying, 'I don't want to do this shit!', going through all the theatre part of it, doing the amplifiers and the guitar. He had this expression on his face."
Because of the bad acoustics of the hall and the bad behavior of some of the audience, it was a poor show.