Neville: “Got up 7:00 had breakfast left Buffalo 8:00. Drove back up Massatusetts and right across N.Y. State. Just after there was a very bad snowstorm driving bad. Arrived Buffalo 4:00 unloaded gear had to put it on small carts, then again tractor took it up to stage. Set gear, 1st [...] Local group on first [...]

Jimi: “Well we road through the most extreme weather today. From sunshine to blizzards and fog and everything. We’re in Buffalo now. Gonna take a nap.”

Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, Lower Terrace and Lake Street, Buffalo, NY, USA.
Originally booked for the Village Theater, New York City, NY.
Concert at 20:15.
Presented by Irving Grantz
Local promoter: Buffalo Festival
Support: Soft Machine with The Mark Boyle Sensual Laboratory light show and Jesse’s First Carnival – cancelled, replaced by local band The Sinnermen. Jesse’s First Carnival, although billed, never played any of the three gigs they were booked for.
6,000 people (capacity: 15,000)
Songs: unknown

Songs: Fire • I Don't Live Today • Hey Joe • Spanish Castle Magic • Manic Depression • Purple Haze • Red House • Foxy Lady • Wild Thing

Neville: “Very good show, despite shitty place.”

Jimi: “Played show – Great. Girls came round. Oh no - must think of Catherina and write my songs. Goodnight everyone.”