Flint, IMA Auditorium [Demolished], MI, USA. (IMA = Industrial Mutual Association)
Concert at 14:00.
Presented by Six Flags Corporation
Program: Fruit Of The Loom; The Rationals; Soft Machine with The Mark Boyle Sensual Laboratory light show; JHE.
Poster: Plain blue and white print of Karl Ferris band photo, designed by Gary Grimshaw
Audience: ± 1,500 (capacity 5,000)

Jimi: “S.O.S. Same old stuff.”


Sgt. Pepper's
Hey Joe
Foxy Lady
Like A Rolling Stone
Red House
Purple Haze

Neville Chesters: “Place very good, audience good, Jimi was in very bad mood, played badly, did short time. Everybody disappointed.”

Anonymous (15-05-13): “I was at the Hendrix show. Great opening acts, except Soft Machine, A bloody bore.
Henrix did not like the audience yelling for Purple Haze. "That song would be more of a drag for me than you" After 4 or 5 tunes he blew out his amps. Did not return to the stage and listened to a 20 minute drum-bass solo. Was a great day of music nonetheless.”

Saginaw News (31 March) review by Nancy Nowicki: “The curtain was raised to the screaming, applauding crowd. Flashbulbs flickered constantly and Jimi began his fantastic presentation to a most deserving crowd. The crowd ate up the act.”

Michigan Daily (25 March) review by Bob Winshall: “He made little attempt to reach his audience except through his music, which would have been all right except that difficulty with the equipment caused a muddling of the voices and instruments. He never smiled once... At the end of the performance, Jimi was supposed to have said, ‘I’m sorry - everything went wrong - it was a bad night.’ If that was a bad night, I can’t wait to see a good one...”

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