From left to right: unknown, Noel Redding, Chuck Dunaway, Leonard Nimoy, Jimi Hendrix, unknown, unknown. Otto's Grotto, 25 March 1968. The unknown persons are possibly members of Good Earth.

Cleveland, Otto’s Grotto (in Statler-Hilton Hotel), 1127 Euclid Avenue, OH, USA
Jimi jams with Good Earth, a local band from Cleveland.
Attended by Leonard Nimoy and DJ Chuck Dunaway

Chuck Dunaway: “Jimi Hendrix came to Cleveland a day before the scheduled concert. Joe Esterhaus, who wrote for the Cleveland Press, called me one day to let me know that he was doing a stringer story for Newsweek [actually Time magazine 5 April] on Jimi Hendrix. He said he would work my name into the piece if I’d show up at Otto’s Grotto that night. Jimi was going to do an impromptu jam with the band for the benefit of the Newsweek [sic] article.
Leonard Nimoy, who played Dr. Spock on TV’s Star Trek, was in town for an appearance which I M.C. ‘d. Leonard and I had spent quite some time together and had many mutual beliefs. We were both activists for the peace movement and had consequently become friends. We also both appreciated Jimi Hendrix’ great guitar work.
After Joe Esterhaus called me to let me know about the Hendrix surprise appearance at Otto’s Grotto, I called Nimoy to ask if he wanted to stay in Cleveland another day and go with me to the Grotto. He was happy to accept my invitation and we went together that night to see Jimi Hendrix in person for the first time.
At the club, Jimi sat with us and we talked for over two hours. All three of us shared the same political and moral beliefs and had a lot to talk about. Jimi did his stint with the band... Afterward, we went to Jimi’s suite and continued to talk until 2 or 3 in the morning. I asked Jimi if he would be on my radio program the next day and he said, to my surprise, yes. Leonard had to go back to California and couldn’t go to the concert, as much as he wanted to. He later sent me a book called, The Hunter I Might Have Been which was inscribed, ‘Brothers in Peace’.”