Noel, Chuck Dunaway, and Jimi at WKYC, Cleveland, 26 March 1968.

Jane Scott
: “At 4:30 Jimi [and Noel] is answering phoned questions to WKYC like a pro. He wears that hat again but looks younger, more vulnerable. Will “Fire” be released as a single? ‘No, it’s almost too late now. Maybe it should come out as an oldie but baddie,’ he joked. His first visit to Cleveland? No, he was here three years ago with Chuck Jackson and all. No one noticed, then.... “Jimi plugs Spirit, a group which includes Randy California and Cassidy... Michael Goldstein, who has a New York public relations firm, suggests that Jimi stress the fact that Spirit is Lou Adler’s new group. ‘So what? So what!’ says Jimi.

Public Music Hall, 1220 E 6th Street, Cleveland, OH, USA.

Presented by WKYC-TV and Belkin Productions
Support: Soft Machine with The Mark Boyle Sensual Laboratory light show.
MC: Chuck Dunaway
Two shows.
First show 19:00 with the Soft Machine.
The Jimi Hendrix Experience at 19:30.
At 20:15 the first show was stopped because of a bomb threat. The band continued the show after the interruption.
Second show 21:30.
Both shows sold out.
Film: 5 minutes, 8mm, silent colour
Filmed by: Ed Embree and Phil Kern
JHE fee: $18,000
Audience: 6,000

First show.

Songs 1st show:

Foxy Lady
Hey Joe
Purple Haze
Wild Thing
and others.

Dick Wootton (The Cleveland Press, 27-3-68) reported they also played ‘Two at a Time.’ This could refer to a line from 'Catfish Blues':
Well there's two, two trains runnin'.

Mitch: “At the second show [sic] there was a bomb threat — I think they found a ‘suspicious package' and they cleared the hall. Who exactly was responsible for it we never did find out.”

Noel: “We went down a bomb that night - in spite of a very real bomb scare at the hall. Big deal. We could take anything in our stride. Any hitch and we'd simply retire to our rooms and play records on our new portable players to stay sane.”

Second show.

Songs 2nd show:

Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
I Don't Live Today
Red House
Foxy Lady
Spanish Castle Magic
Manic Depression
Purple Haze
Wild Thing

Jimi and Noel leaving the WKYC radio building. On the left concert promoter Jules Belkin.