Jimi checking into the Opalen hotel at 17:40. Photo: Thure Christiansson

Flying from London Heathrow Airport, Middlesex, ENGLAND, to Torslanda Airport, Göteborg, SWEDEN.

Accommodation: “Hotel Opalen,” Engelbrektsgatan 73, Göteborg, room 623.

Gösta Hanson interviews Hendrix for Goteborgs-Tidningen. The interview is published the following day.

In the evening Jimi and Mitch went clubbing in Göteborg, visiting several joints such as the “Klubb Karl.”

Jimi and Mitch arrived back at “Hotel Opalen” from their club tour at 02.00 in the morning of 4 January. Jimi (drunk at this stage - “You know, parties...”) went to Mitch’s room where the tension built up until Jimi flipped and started smashing up just about everything in sight. The police were telephoned at 04.10 and promptly arrested Jimi at the hotel, and as he was carried out by two policemen – one holding Jimi’s feet and the other holding his arms – Jimi uttered: I feel like a bird! The police took Jimi to Göteborg’s Hospital ‘Sahlgrenska Sjukhuset’ for stitches in his right hand. Jimi was prohibited from leaving Sweden (except for concert appearances) until a court hearing would take place. [UV]