Jimi during an interview in his room at the Esso Motor Hotel, between 9 and 15 January 1968.

Jimi Hendrix and Gerry Stickells stay at the Esso Motor Hotel, Göteborg. Jimi reports at the ‘Report Room’ of the Gothenburg police station at 14.00 hours.

Axis: Bold As Love is released in the U.S.A. on Reprise RS6281.

Police document – dated 15 January – of Jimi reporting at the police station.


Top left: Gothenburg municipal court, eighth division, squad 34
Top right: Certificate of service
Certificate no. "205 63/1968"
Table cells: Notes, see back.
Day of hearing: "16/1"
Summons to be reported at the latest: "15/1"
Title/profession/full name and address for the person for the person served:
"The American citizen James Marshall Hendrix, Berkeley Street, London W."
Court notes: "Born 27/11 -42. H. has been served with travel prohibition. Obliged to report at 14 hours every day. Report room at the police station."
Received and accepted: Jimi's signature (signature of receiver)
The document was delivered to recipient the in person on: "15/1 1968" (signature of deliverer)

[with thanks to Peter Strömbäck for the translation]