Jimi at the Göteborg Municipal Court.

Municipal Court house, Göteborg; Court case between 15:30 to 17:00 against Jimi Hendrix regarding the incident on 4 January. After a brief counselling, the judge established Hendrix’ fines at 80 days of salary times 40 crowns, and had his travel prohibition withdrawn. The repair of the damages costed the hotel 5,718 crowns. The party thus costed Jimi 8,918 crowns (at that time approximately UK £475). Jimi left the City Hall after signing a check for the remaining of the fines (he had already deposited 8,000 crowns at the hotel).

London, Sound City, 22 Rupert Street, UK
Neville Chesters (JHE roadmanager):
“Called at Sound City to see about new speakers... Went to see Mitch. We both went to Drum City, collected some new cymbals, went back to Mitch.”

Jimi Hendrix and Gerry Stickells stay one last night at the Esso Motor Hotel, Göteborg.

Noel travels by train to Folkestone.

Photos provided by guest contributor Gilles Duhamel here.