London SW13, “Olympic Sound Studios,” 117 Church Road, Barnes
Studio recordings (from 17.00 to 21.00).
Song: All Along The Watchtower.

Also attending the session: Brian Jones [Rolling Stones], Dave Mason, and LindaKeith.

Dave Mason: “We first heard the Dylan album [John Wesley Harding] with Viv Prince at a party one night - well party, it was about six people, and it got to “Watchtower” and Jimi said, ‘We gotta record that, I gotta do that’.. .and we went in and cut the song... I was more or less flattered to be there, I was twenty or twenty-one years old... I remember Jimi playing the slide part in the middle of “Watchtower” with the back of his cigarette lighter with the guitar on his lap...” What part did Brian Jones do? Continues Dave Mason: “Nothing, he was just a mess, it was sad, that was a guy who could play anything... [UV].

Dave Mason and Jimi jamming backstage in December 1967.