January 27 (Sat) Eire Apparent’s single ‘Follow Me’ b/w ‘Here I Go Again’ released in the UK on Track Records. Produced by Chas Chandler, it’s likely that Jimi was involved in the recordings.

London, Sound City, 22 Rupert Street, UK
“Went round to Sound City to collect gear.”

“A personal cheque made out in Hendrix's hand to Apple Music Ltd. the cheque signed and inscribed in black ballpoint pen from Hendrix's personal bank account in London Martin's Bank Limited, 79 Edgware Road, W.2.. printed with his name J.Hendrix dated by Hendrix Jan.27 1968 and made out by him to Apple Music LTD. for the sum of Sixty One Pounds Only, signed Jimi Hendrix additionally bearing two bank tellers ink stamps -- 3x6 1/8in. (7.7x15.5cm.) Notes: It seems probable that this cheque is associated with Hendrix's guest appearance on the album McGough & McGear, recorded on 19th January, 1968 at De Lane Lea studios in London. Apple Music apparently paid for the sessions. It's likely that the cheque was for a share of the studio time, or the hire of an instrument. It's interesting to note that on February 27th, 1968 a copy of Jimi's bank account which shows the deduction of this sum also reveals that his balance at this time was only £481.19.”