Jimi during an interview in his room at the Esso Motor Hotel, between 9 and 15 January 1968.

Travelling from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Göteborg, Sweden. Accommodation: “Esso Motor Hotel,’ Göteborg.

Göteborg, police station - Jimi and Chas Chandler are being questioned regarding the “Hotel Opalen” incident on 4 January. Between now and 15 January, Jimi has to show his face each day at 14.00 hours at the ‘Report Room’ in the police station. Noel and Mitch return to England by boat at 16:30.

That afternoon Jimi participated in a police investigation regarding the Hotel Opalen incident. He testified that he had only drunk three beers and two whiskies in all, and was convinced that his drinks were spiked. He immediately admitted his guilt to the charges and offered to pay for all damages. Jimi wasn't allowed to leave Gothenburg and was obliged to report each day, at 14.00 hours, to the Report Room at the police station in Gothenburg. Mitch and Noel could at last leave Sweden. Due to the extremely cold weather, Gothenburg's Torslanda Airport was closed, so they got the ferry later that day, while Jimi had to stay put in Gothenburg. Gerry Stickells kept him company at the Esso Motor Hotel. Source: Exp Over Sweden CD.

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Jimi on his way to report at the police station, on or around 10 January 1968. On the right Gerry Stickells. Photo: Sören Karlsson.