Flying from Santa Barbara, California, to Field International Airport, Seattle, Washington.


The JHE are greeted at the Seattle airport by the Hendrix family: Al Hendrix, Ayako Hendrix, Janie Lisa Hendrix (stepsister of Jimi, adopted by Al and Ayako), Leon Hendrix, and others.

Al Hendrix’s house, 7954 Seward Park Avenue South, Seattle - Press reception with the JHE and Hendrix family members.

Jimi is driven to the “Center Arena” where, backstage, he poses in front of a large banner stating, “WELCOME HOME JIMI - your sisters.”


Center Arena, corner of Mercer Street Fourth Avenue North, Seattle, Washington, USA.
Concert at 20:00 (45 minutes)
Support: Soft Machine with The Mark Boyle Sensual Laboratory light show.
Promoter: Pat O’Day & Associates.
Possibly videotaped by unknown.

Photos provided by guest contributors Gilles Duhamel and Alex Triantafyllou here