Photos by John Hop King.

San Antonio, Texas, “Municipal Auditorium”
Concert at 7:30 pm.
Support: Soft Machine with The Mark Boyle Sensual Laboratory light show; The Swiss Movement; Neal Ford And The Fanatics
Promoter: Bob Cope, radio KTSA
JHE fee: $5,000.

Photos provided by guest contributor John Addison.

San Antonio, Texas, “Municipal Auditorium”.

Frank Gravis:
“I was at Hendrix's first show at The Municipal Auditorium (parents wouldn't let me go to the second time he was in town: you know that deal ). I remember The Swiss Movement opened, then it was Neal Ford and the Fanatics, then The Soft Machine, with a truly great light show. Then Hendrix. I remember Jimi's gear vividly. He had two Sunn 1200S heads, with four Sunn cabinets connected to each, each cabinet with two 15" speakers. Noel Redding had almost the same setup, but he had one Sunn and one Marshall head; same number of cabinets as Jimi. Mitch Mitchell was unmiked. I haven't seen a drummer struggle so much to be heard to this day. The P.A. was a Fender Dual Showman head with two Vox Super Beatle cabinets, one on either side of the stage. Jimi's mike was barely audible. Because of the way Jimi's gear was wired, due to the extremely low impedance load on the amplifiers, both Sunn amps overheated and died, one amp about 40 minutes into the show, the other soon afterward. Jimi threw his guitar down and walked off in disgust. However, that 40 minutes was absolute magic. I had never heard such a huge guitar sound; haven't to date. I remember it like it was yesterday; it all came from the stage, un-miked. If only his gear hadn't died... Anyway, I overheard a few grumblings as I was walking out of the auditorium, complaining about there being two hours of opening acts, and only 40 minutes of Hendrix. I thought to myself, "Yeah, but that 40 minutes was life-changing." And it was.”