At 4am, Jimi telephones [collect] his father in Seattle. Kathy also spoke to Jimi’s father briefly.

Al Hendrix: “He told me, 'Well, I'm over here in England now and I'm auditioning for a bass player and a drummer. It's just going to be a trio and I'm going to call it The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and I'm going to spell my name J-I-M-I.' I said, "Well, that's, a little different.’”

Kathy Etchingham: “I spoke to his father and said, 'Hello, Mr Hendrix.' I spoke a few words and he said, 'Look, my boy's in England? You tell my boy to write me. I'm not paying for collect calls.'

We were woken up in the hotel by a girl who burst into the room, grabbed Jimi’s guitar and walked out... Jimi told me she was an English girl [Linda Keith] he’d been sleeping with in America. Later after we were up, she came back, took off all her clothes and climbed into the bed. She said Jimi could have his guitar back on condition that he got into bed with her. For once he refused such an offer and sent her on her way.

All Jimi had was a guitar in a case, a couple of satin shirts, a jar of Noxema and a bag of rollers. I used to set his hair in rollers.