London W6, ‘National Hall’/‘Olympia’, Hammersmith Road, Kensington - Mimed JHE appearance at ‘The 1967 Racing Car Show’ (between 10.00 and 21.00) at the Radio London 'Big L Theatre' on the balcony. DJ’s Tony Blackburn and Keith Skues co-hosted the show.

Jimi in New Musical Express (28 January): The one thing I really hate is miming - it's so phoney. So far, the only thing I was asked to mime was a Radio London appearance and I felt guilty just standing there holding a guitar. If you want to scream and holler at a record you can do that at home - I'm strictly a live performer.

London W1, 7½ Club, 5 White Horse Street
Concert - opening night of this small club - (60 minutes) at 01:00. Songs: unknown