TV transmission of "The Wind Cries Mary" (see 10 May for details) on 'Top Of The Pops', BBC1 (19:30 to 20:00).

Offenbach am Main, "Stadthalle"
TV rehearsal and live recordings for the German III TV station Hessischer Rundfunk program 'Beat, Beat, Beat!' [show #17].

After rehearsals in the early afternoon the JHE performed: Stone Free; Hey Joe; Purple Haze (all first transmitted on 29 May).
The Experience were introduced by DJ Charlie Hickman. BBB producer: Georg Martin Lange.
Support: Dave Dee & Co.; Sandie Shaw.

Frankfurt - Noel Redding telephones Hugh Nolan for an interview in Disc and Music Echo (published 27 May).

17 or 18 MAY
Frankfurt, "K 52" club. Jimi jams (on bass) with Noel Redding (guitar), John 'Beaky' Dymond (drums - normally the guitarist of Dave Dee & Co.) and Dave Dee (vocals), sometime between 21:00 and 5:00 the next morning. It's possible Sandie Shaw also joined in, although this is unconfirmed.