Flying from Göteborg to Copenhagen, DENMARK.

Photo call at the head office of Børge magazine with Bent Rej.

At around 21.10 hours journalist Carsten Grolin, went backstage at the "Falkoner Centret" and conducted a taped interview with the Jimi Hendrix Experience while Jan Persson took photographs. The interview was used for an unknown program on 'Denmarks Radio P1,' hosted hy Carsten Grolin and Ole John.

Copenhagen, "Falkoner Centret" - Concert (30 minutes).
Sold out concert.
Support: Beafeaters; Defenders; Harlem Kiddies with King George.
Songs: Foxy Lady; Hey Joe; Rock Me, Baby; Purple Haze; The Wind Cries Mary; Wild Thing (unconfirmed order).