London W1, "BBC Broadcasting House [more likely at the Playhouse Theatre]", Great Portland Place - JHE live radio recordings (Noel: "terrible sound") for BBC Light program 'Pop North' (transmitted 9 February 1967).
Songs: Hey Joe (3:40); Rock Me, Baby (2:40); Foxy Lady (3:20).

Steve Elphick: The 'Pop North' show in question was actually broadcast from Manchester on the BBC Light Programme between 1 and 2pm on the 9th February 1967. The three JHE songs (their very first for the BBC) were pre-recorded in a session, as stated, on the 30th January 1967. However, this took place in London at Broadcasting House, Portland Place. The three tracks would have been supplied to the BBC Manchester Studio [Playhouse Theatre] for playback to a live audience on 7th February 1967 and introduced at that session by Ray Moore. It is this recording of the show that was then aired on the 9th February 1967. Full details of the discovery of the off-air tape recording (image below), and it's subsequent return to the BBC are fully documented in Jimpress #108.