London WC2, "De Lane Lea Music Ltd", 129 Kingsway, Kingsway
Studio recordings: one song.

Worthing, "The Pavilion", Marine Parade, Sussex
Concert (60 minutes - between 19:30 and 22:45). JHE fee: £189.

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THURSDAY 23rd FEBRUARY 1967 (As Recalled In February 1995)
Please Remember This Was 28 Years Ago And I Was Just 16 - This Is How I Remember Events.
Myself and a few other friends used to go to most shows on a Thursday, usually at The Pavilion - sometimes moved to the Worthing Assembly Hall, no matter who it was. Prices ranged from 5/- to 6/6 depending on popularity. I would have to admit I had never heard of Jimmi Hendrix — as advertised in The Worthing Herald, so 6/- must have seemed a lot at that time for an ‘unknown act’.
The evening started with, as usual, record hits of the time played over the PA. Then the local support group did about an hour of middle of the road songs. Then there was a break while the group’s equipment was changed over, again records played over the PA.
I would have to guess at the time the main act took the stage at about 9:30? Jimi wasn’t well known and so the hall, although busy, was not packed and even the area in front of the stage was fairly clear; and so it was easy to see the stage from anywhere on the ‘dance floor’. The curtains were open all the time and when the equipment was ready the compere introduced “The Jimi Hendrix Experience”
Out from the left hand wings walked three guys, immediately Jimi walked out I, and I would think the rest of the hall, were ‘gob smacked’. Everybody else on the stage wasn’t there, he was spectacular, I had never seen anything like it before. Jimi was dressed in his military jacket and dark trousers, looking very similar to the photo on page 57 of the Tony Brown book ‘A Visual Documentary’. I cannot remember what Mitch was wearing but I seem to remember Noel in a bright orange shirt with a ‘frilly front’ (and was it checked hipsters?).
As equipment goes, there were the Marshalls, Noel had a Fender bass, and Jimi a right handed sunburst with rosewood neck Stratocaster. During the show Jimi broke a string but finished the song. He apologized several times as he only had the one guitar with him that night, so we had to wait while Jimi and the roadie fitted a new string and tuned it up.
Of the numbers played, in there was Hey Joe, Rock Me Baby, possibly Like A Rolling Stone, a long slow blues (Catfish Blues?), plus others. The set must have been very similar to the songs played at The Flamingo Club, 4th February ‘67. All the stage theatrics were carried out throughout the show, behind the head, making love to the guitar etc. On the final number, Wild Thing, the guitar was slammed against the amps and then flung to the floor with a few foot stomps to follow up and a couple of lifting up by the tremolo arm and bouncing routines.
Exit stage left, I do not remember an encore, but I could be wrong.
Overall and looking back the band were very relaxed, raw, and enjoying themselves — much the same as most people report around this time.
One things for sure — my life was never the same again, even today.
As a footnote — approx. 22 years later I discovered someone who was also at the concert and collected Jimi’s autograph. Paul Harrison has since moved to Spain, but I do have a photocopy of that autograph.
After the concert The Experience went back to London to record ‘Manic Depression’ - not, I hope a reflection of Worthing - or then again
And the JHE fee for the night — £189!
Mick Coyne