London [at “Aberbach House” ?]; rehearsals
Noel went to rehearsals, during which they tried out new drummers. Eric Burdon was present as well. [Note: first rehearsal of Jimi, Mitch and Noel together.]

Chas: “We had quite a few drummers lined up, and we narrowed it down to Aynsley Dunbar and Mitch Mitchell, who just got kicked out of Georgie Fame’s Blue Flames.”

“Les Cousins”, 49 Greek Street, London W1; Jimi jams with various bluesmen from the USA. Andy Matheou (a greek Cypriot): “At that time there were a lot of American bluesmen here, and Alexis [Korner] thought it would be good to get everyone together for an all-nighter with him topping the gig. That was the night Hendrix came in with Chas Chandler, his manager.”