London [at “Aberbach House”]; JHE rehearsals (13.00/about 17.30). Noel went to the practice rooms and found out Mitch Mitchell had definitely joined the band.

Early October
Chas gave the group 30 watt Burns amps, but they attempt to wreck the gear in order to obtain better amps. They tried throwing them down the stair flights, but they still worked, in the end they had to have them stolen in order for Chas to replace them. This was at the publishing house venue, on the 5th floor.

Noel: “It was in a rehearsal room in the Aberbach Publishing House (The Shadows publishing company). And Hendrix and Mitch kicked them about. I was horrified because gear was hard to come by. Burns had given the gear to us.”

Mitch: “Some of the rehearsals took place in the offices of a music publisher in Savile Row or Albemarle Street - a real straight music publisher.”

“Aberbach Publishing has frequently been reported as being in Albemarle Street, but Aberbach House was (and is) at 17 Savile Row, just a couple of streets away. [...] The Experience’s earliest rehearsals took place there, in the studio/rehearsal room on the fifth floor.” [Jimpress - Jimi Hendrix In London, © 2009].

[NB: Albemarle Street is off Piccadilly Circus, London W1].