The group received new Marshall equipment to replace the Burns gear.

JHE sign a contract, the only contract ever signed by all three members of the JHE (according to Noel). [Note: Chandler and Jeffery didn’t sign this contract].

"On 11th October 1966 Mike Jeffery and Chas Chandler arranged a meeting with Hendrix, Redding and Mitchell at the offices of their company, Anim Ltd in Gerrard Street, London. The contract that the band signed at the meeting was a production deal whereby Mike Jeffery and Chas Chandler would be record producers. It was not a management contract and there was nothing in the contract to indicate a differential status between Hendrix and the other two musicians. They were merely individual musical performers collectively known as ‘The Jimi Hendrix Experience’. Mike Jeffery and Chas Chandler would take 20% plus further percentages of royalties and publishing. The band members would share 2.5% of royalties from record sales between them. This was not a very favourable deal for the musicians but at that stage they had no inkling of how successful they would become." Source.