Los Angeles - JHE attend a private viewing of the Monterey film
(note: the Monterey film was originally shot for an ABC TV show).

Jamming at Steve Stills' house in Malibu. [JB]
Stephen Stills: It was a pretty eclectic bunch—(South African trumpeter) Hugh Masekela, Buddy Miles and Bruce Palmer. Brucey was around my house all the time because he was the bass player in Buffalo Springfield, and Hughie would show up now and then. We went through two sets of players that night, me and Jimi, because we kept going. We played to one dawn, through the morning and next day, all the way into the next dawn. [JB]

Doug Hastings (Buffalo Springfield): I did a jam one afternoon at the Malibu house with Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Miles, David Crosby and Stephen Stills. I think Stephen played bass. It was the four of us playing in one part of the room, and Jimi playing about 15 feet away from us, off in a corner with his back to us. We probably played for a couple of hours. Buddy sang and Jimi sat, off in the corner, playing his wah-wah pedal. [JB]