Before the Experience flew to the USA for their Summer '67 tour, Jimi and Noel did a photo session for Rotosound guitar strings at The Fairfield Halls in Croydon 1967.
James was fitting one of the first sets of roundwound Swing Bass sets to Noels bass. Word has it that this photo session took place at the Orchid Ballroom in Purley, Surrey. Judging form the outfits of the boys this shoot took place between 6 and 12 June.

Alan Marcuson: ‘When musicians were looking for a specific sound or concept, they would come visit me at the factory. Jimi Hendrix was not pleased with the sounds he would get when he bit his strings, so I developed a gauge which he thought ‘tasted’ right. The .006 and .007 first strings that he used to bite gave him the sound he was looking for.’